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Our Electron Flight Simulator software is now distributed by JEOL. To purchase a copy please contact JEOL here

Ted Pella, Inc., a leading seller of instruments and supplies for companies using optical light and electron microscopes for research, has purchased the X-Checker line of x-ray calibration standards from Small World, LLC. These products help SEM users calibrate the EDS detector on their scanning electron microscopes.

Ted Pella, Inc. was already a reseller of this product line, so it was a natural fit. "We are excited both about the existing products as well as the future potential of product development for new X-Checker products", said Tom Pella, President of Ted Pella, Inc.

"I feel good about these products going to a trusted supplier who has sold and supported them for many years", said Don Chernoff, President of Small World, LLC.

To order any X-Checker product please contact Ted Pella Inc. here